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Marrakesh (or Marrakech), sometimes called the red town because of the red Kasbah wall surrounding the medina, was founded in 1062. Youssef bin Tashufin, cousin to the sultan began construction of the city. Under his watch, houses were built and a mosque begun. Marrakech was the capital of the Almoravid Empire that covered a vast area from Maghreb to Europe. Now, along with the Berber, the Andalusia influence was born....
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Morocco has a strong cultural rapport with meat. As I am writing this, the country just celebrated Eid Al Adha, a holiday where most Moroccan families will sacrifice a sheep, goat or cow. Think of it as Thanksgiving with sheep instead of turkeys and where the animals are brought home alive and slaughtered on the day of the holiday. Meat is also viewed as a symbol of wealth and status....
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One of Morocco’s most famed rulers was Sultan Moulay Ismail. He was 27 when he came to power and ruled from 1645-1727. During his reign, the country’s capital city was transferred to Meknes, where his slaves brought to life his splendid visions for the city’s architectural masterpieces. Often called“The Bloodthirsty” for his harsh, often violent rule, not only did Moulay Ismail pillage nearby Volubilis for all of its precious marble...
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Excellent Cooking Class at l’Atelier Madada In Essaouira : Alyson gave me a horrified look when I asked her how long the dada (a term often used to refer to female chefs at Moroccan hotels) had been teaching Moroccan cooking classes. “Don’t call her that! She’s a chef! I’ll explain later,” she whispered, glancing worriedly at Mona to make sure my question hadn’t been overheard. Alyson, who is English, has...
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